Recycling of aluminium packaging in dual systems


Light weight packaging made of plastic, tinplate, aluminium and composites is collected via yellow bins or bags in private households and separated into dedicated material fractions at sorting centres. An extensive automation of the plants is achieved, with capacities of up to 150,000 tons per year and for more than 1.5 million inhabitants.

Equipping all sorting plants with eddy current separators plays a key role for sorting aluminium packaging. This enables the cost-effective mechanical sorting of all packaging containing at least aluminium foil. Although aluminium is not magnetic it reacts to magnetic fields generated by rotating magnets and is thus efficiently separated from other materials. From a technical point of view, aluminium provides a very dominant separation feature so that already marginal fractions allow recycling via the aluminium stream.

Wirbelstromscheider ESubsequently, the material fraction provided according to the product specification aluminium is predominantly utilized under use of pyrolytic processes in specialized recycling plants.

Adhesive organic constituents are separated by heat and the aluminium is recovered for new applications.

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