Aluminium in Packaging - Properties and benefits



Aluverpackungen blanko Rand weichgezeichnet 1019 765In packaging, aluminium is used in a wide variety because of its special material properties, e.g. in drinks, spray and food cans, menu trays and tubes, closures and foil applications.

Outstanding examples are the excellent protective properties for sensitive food, beverages and pharmaceuticals. Even thin foil with a thickness of only 6 thousandths of a millimetre ensures this function with a high degree of efficiency.

Aluminium is light, heat resistant, easily deformable, tasteless and decorative. Moreover, the metal has very good recycling properties and can be reused again and again without quality loss for new high-quality products.

In terms of material efficiency and recyclability the packaging material aluminium does not only meet the waste prevention requirements of the packaging legislation but also its recycling targets.

Further information concerning applications and markets can be found on the website of the German Aluminium Association at